The Ozark Trilogy

The Ozark Trilogy -- artwork by Karen Jollie


Excerpt from The Ozark Trilogy

"What the EPA Don't Know Won't Hurt Them"
Ozark Trilogy prequel available on-line at Infinity Plus

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"The Baby No Granny Would Name"
"Spells, Oh Spells, Oh Careless Spells!"

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Paper Dolls

Responsible of Brightwater

Here is a beautiful paper doll of Responsible of Brightwater, along with two pages of clothing. Be sure you select Page Setup and change the print size to 50% before you print, or the items will be too large to fit on a page. The paper doll, her clothing, and the elegant Ozark Mule above, are the work of artist Karen Jollie and used with her permission.

Paper Doll and clothes by Karen JolliePaper Doll and Clothing

Paper Doll and clothes by Karen JollieMore Paper Doll Clothes

Paper Doll and clothes by Karen JollieStill more clothes

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