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Excerpt: Chapter 3

The Author Comments: Deepsix: It Pays to Think Ahead



DeepSix Reviews

"This is a wonderful book, with heroics and villainies and personal transformations fleshing out the plot's pyrotechnics....There are echoes of Conrad here....McDevitt also gives us a retrieval scheme that could have come from the notebooks of Arthur C. Clarke, and a run for rescue as strong as Shackleford's Antarctic expedition....I wish I had time to read it again."

— San Diego Union-Tribune

"Science fiction fans refer to the Sense of Wonder: that kick that reminds us how big, complex, and mysterious the universe really is. Jack us this sense of wonder, straight up and undiluted."

— Baltimore Sun

"You ever wonder how fast the speed of light is? Slightly slower than the time it takes to read the last hundred pages of Deepsix."

— Macon Telegraph

"McDevitt induces an old-fashioned sense of wonder with marvelous inventiveness."

— Denver Post

"McDevitt maps out a future history that is both credible and captivating."

— Toronto Star

Starred Review"McDevitt's vivid descriptions of alien landscapes and creatures as well as his harrowing images of a world on the verge of physical collapse heighten the inner turmoil his characters face as they struggle to come to terms with the unfinished business in their lives. With an expert sense of pacing and a knack for cliffhanging suspense, McDevitt has crafted a story of survival and personal redemption that belongs in most SF collections. Highly recommended."

Library Journal

" an at-the-edge-of-your-chair explosion."

Fantastica Daily

"A super job of bringing all this together, an exciting story of dangers overcome, and sometimes not, disasters, escapes, rescues, and puzzles solved. It's always a pleasure to find a writer who still knows how to tell a good story."

Science Fiction Chronicle

"...An individual vision, a space that manages to be near Poul Anderson, Clifford Simak, and Fred Pohl (and, over the hill but within shouting distance, George Turner)."




"Be sure to leave your schedule open as you read the book's later chapters."

— Jesup, GA, Press-Sentinel

Kirkus Starred Review"The tension hums and twangs throughout; add on the intriguing exploration of an ancient alien civilization, and the life-sized characters; another triumph for the splendid McDevitt."

Kirkus (Starred Review)

"You are going to love Jack McDevitt's latest, Deepsix...As dramatic as anything in SF, the characters are genuine enough to care about, the tension is unremitting, and the finale is the sort of thing that could bring a movie audience to its feet cheering."


"McDevitt sets the tension from page one, and keeps ratcheting it up as the story progresses...."

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(Hardcover) March 2001
ISBN: 0061051241
(Mass Market)
January 2002
ISBN: 0061020060


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