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Cauldron Makes Final Nebula Ballot

Cover for CAULDRON, by Jack McDevitt


Cover for The Devil's Eye, by Jack McDevitt

The Devil's Eye

  • A new Alex Benedict mystery
  • November 2008



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Cover for Sideways in Crime Jack McDevitt at NASA

Jack McDevitt at NASA

Photo by Maureen McDevitt

Events and Publications

  • Chindi ebook from fictionwise.com
  • Forbidden Planets, edited by Marvin Kaye from SFBC. Novellas by Alan Dean Foster, Allen M. Steele, Julie E. Czerneda, Nancy Kress, Robert Reed, and McDevitt. The McDevitt novella, "Kaminsky at War," is set in Priscilla Hutchins' Academy universe.
  • Ships in the Night, a new collection from Altair Australia.
  • Autographed copies of Seeker and several paperback titles are available at the Jacksonville University book store, in Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-256-7500 or email dcobb@ju.edu
  • Polaris in ebook form from fictionwise.com


Now Available:

Outbound           Odyssey

Cover for OUTBOUND Cover for Odyssey, by Jack McDevitt

The Author Comments: Odyssey

Introduction to Odyssey


Reviews for Odyssey

"McDevitt's imaginative world stretches between the poles of Home and Out There -- and as strange and wonderful and terrifying as Out There can be, Home is where his heart is."

— Locus

"...Not everything is what it seems.... Recommended."

— Analog

"...McDevitt's writing is crisp and flowing, leaving no plot line twisting in the wind...."

— Florida Times Union

More Reviews

The Author Comments: Outbound

Reviews for Outbound:

"...We read (in these stories) the humanity behind the hard SF. A humanity expressed in the anti-war stance of "Valkyrie" or "Date with Destiny," in the religious doubts implicit in "Act of God" and "Ignition," in the political skepticism of "The Candidate" and the scientific skepticism of "Henry James, This One's for You." These are, perhaps, old-fashioned virtues just as McDevitt's craftsmanship is of the old-fashioned kind, but in the end there is nothing old-fashioned about these stories, or the impact they achieve."

— The NY Review of SF

"The last section of Outbound contains essays on the writing of science fiction and its place in the world. Especially useful for aspiring writers of SF is "Blundering Through" a point-by-point guide to the mistakes every writer should avoid, along with some advice about how to do it right. It's a professional seminar in writing condensed into seventeen highly informative pages.... While McDevitt's prose style may not go for flash and dazzle, there will always be an interesting idea to puzzle over and a story that entices the reader into caring. By McDevitt's own statements, that's the standard that science fiction demands of its practitioners, and it's one that Jack McDevitt lives up to very very well."

— Greg L. Johnson
The SF Site

"Sixteen stories...all of them well worth your attention....If you see a new book with his name on the cover, grab it. You're not likely to be disappointed."


"McDevitt's work is what the Golden Age Renaissance is all about. It's got deep space settings and perilous situations, but it's peopled by three-dimensional characters and more monsters from the id than from the stars.... It's a pity that ISFiC Press is only running off a thousand copies."

— Ernest Lilley


Here and There


Recent Publications

Cover for Wastelands Cover for Futures from Nature Cover for Cross of Centuries, ed. Michael Bishop Cover for SEEKER Cover for POLARIS Christmas Stars, ed. David Hartwell, Tor 2004 Cover for OMEGA

Sequence of Titles

The Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins novels

(The Academy Novels)

  1. The Engines of God
  2. Deepsix
  3. Chindi
  4. Omega
  5. Odyssey (November 2006)
  6. Cauldron

Alex Benedict

  1. A Talent for War
  2. Polaris
  3. Seeker
  4. The Devil's Eye


Jack McDevitt...

Jack McDevitt at NASA

Photo by Maureen McDevitt

...is a former English teacher, naval officer, Philadelphia taxi driver, customs officer, and motivational trainer. With the nominations of Infinity Beach, Ancient Shores, “Time Travelers Never Die,” Moonfall, “Good Intentions” (cowritten with Stanley Schmidt), “Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City,” Chindi, Omega, and Polaris,, "Henry James, This One's for You," and Seeker, his work has been on the final Nebula ballot ten of the last eleven years.

His first novel, The Hercules Text, was published in the celebrated Ace Specials series, and won the Philip K. Dick Special Award. In 1991, he won the first $10,000 UPC International Prize for his novella “Ships in the Night.” The Engines of God was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and his novella “Time Travelers Never Die” was nominated for both the Hugo and the Nebula. Omega received the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best SF novel, 2003.

McDevitt lives in Georgia with his wife Maureen, where he plays chess, reads mysteries, and eats lunch regularly with his cronies.

At Deepsouthcon 2000, McDevitt was presented with the Phoenix Award for his body of work.


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