Journal Entry #1

August 29, 2007

We've been TIVOing shows I never really had time for during their first runs. Forty years late, I've discovered MASH. I recommend it.

We're recording four episodes a day. Keeps us on the run. It might be a good idea to require any future president, especially one who has not seen combat, to watch ten or fifteen episodes before being allowed anywhere near the oval office.

Also tonight, we watched "Re-Entry," the 7/1 episode of Dead Zone. It's my favorite of the entire series.

I spent last weekend at Con-Version 23, in Calgary, Alberta. I was there six days for a workshop and the con. The workshop was directed by Randy McCharles; the con was in the hands of Kirstin Morrell. Lots of good times for all. Highlight of the weekend: watching an accomplished cast perform "The Phantom of the Space Opera," a ninety-minute musical parody. How good was it? They blew the roof off. Susan Forest directed.

Also memorable was the slave auction. I thought about buying a couple, but wasn't sure how I'd get them past Customs.

We also visited the Aerospace Museum, which provided inspiration for a story. They had an aircraft on display which was the last surviving plane of its kind. No way I could miss the SF application of that one. The result was "Indomitable," written on a legal pad during the plane ride home.

Tossed out the entire second half of The Devil's Eye, an Alex Benedict novel due in November. 250 pages gone. That's painful, but it was headed in the wrong direction.

On a happier note, we'll be leaving for Dragoncon Friday.

— Jack

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