Ships in the Night

Jack McDevitt

Short stories

Cover for SHIPS IN THE NIGHT Stephen King says... The Baltimore Sun says... Gregory Benford says...

Table of Contents

  • "Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City"
  • "The Far Shore"
  • "Good Intentions" w/Stanley Schmidt
  • "Time's Arrow"
  • "Dead in the Water"
  • "Windrider"
  • "Deus Tex"
  • "Report from the Rear"
  • "Oculus"
  • "Last Contact"
  • "Midnight Clear"
  • "Blinker"
  • "The Tomb"
  • "Ships in the Night"


"Jack McDevitt is that splendid rarity, a writer who is a storyteller first and a science fiction writer second. In his ability to absolutely rivet the reader, it seems to me that he is the logical heir to Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. "

— Stephen King

"Science fiction fans refer to the Sense of Wonder: that kick that reminds us how big, complex, and mysterious the universe really is. Jack us this sense of wonder, straight up and undiluted."

— Baltimore Sun

"McDevitt is the real thing; a writer with depth, integrating scientific issues with human concerns on a vast stage, lit by vivid colors."

— Gregory Benford

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