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Tom Pendergrass has been a science fiction fan since reading Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein novels as a boy.  He has only recently begun writing fiction and has completed a novel. 

Tom worked as an intelligence officer and terrorism expert for the US Government for 12 years, which has given him a unique window into the seamy underside of humanity.  His espionage background has made him a student of human nature, motivations, and man’s cruelty to his fellow man.  He is also fascinated with world religions and their impact on politics and society.  Tom speaks Russian, and can manage to ask for directions and order lunch in French and Arabic.  He can order beer in almost every language known to man.

Tom Pendergrass lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife, two sons, and two Dalmatians.  He is employed by a major international corporation which is under the impression that he does not have enough spare time for writing.  Tom grows bonsai trees and is active in his community.

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