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Up On Blimps!
Atlanta Nights has been mentioned on PRWeb! Atlanta Nights - trade paperback cover
  Over a holiday
  weekend last year,
  some thirty-odd
  science fiction
  writers banged out a chapter or two apiece... [more]

Please publish this dud
To test a publisher's selectivity, a group of writers collaborated on a book. Their goal: Make it stink.
Atlanta Nights - e-book cover By Scott Martelle
LA Times Staff Writer
Feb 5 2005
The moral of this story is: Never tick off a science fiction writer...

AN Up On Blimps!    

Atlanta Nights has been mentioned on PRWeb!
Uh-uh, right here, see, a definite mention. Yup, no doubt about it.

Union Recorder and Montgomery Monitor
AN has been seen on a couple of large websites, Macon Area Online (, site gets 50,000+ hits a day), and USA Deep All together, I think around 20 or so sites and papers run it. Wee! Wee!

Travis Tea to grace the Chicago Nebulas
Mr. Tea is a guaranteed show at the upcoming 2005 Nebula Awards® Weekend given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The ceremony is in Chicago, IL this year. Mr. Tea will occupy at least one chair (and likely more), breathe several cubic liters of air, and consume nourishment. Holy bovine!

LA Times Calendar highlights Atlanta Nights
Scott Martelle, LA Times Staff Writer, deftly paints an analytical verbal picture of the masterpiece in the February 5 2005 issue of the Calendar. Rejoice!

Slashdot does Atlanta Nights during Superbowl
Slashdot does the /. thing to Atlanta Nights during the Superbowl 2005 weekend, and the servers somehow survive. Inconceivable!

Publishers Lunch thinks it's "So Bad It's Good"
The BlogWatch of the Thursday, February 3 issue of Publishers Lunch says: "The manuscript for ATLANTA NIGHTS, by Travis Tea, was indeed accepted for publication, and reportedly withdrawn after the hoax was publicized..."

Travis Tea interviewed at VerbSap
Prestigious online venue VerbSap recently interviewed Travis Tea from his suite at Motel 6, asking provocative questions about his writing career, his beliefs, and literary ethos. Believe it or not!

Well-known movie star endorses
More recognition! Travis has received the following letter from the assistant publicist of a well-known movie star who prefers to remain anonymous: "Thank you for sending [book name] to us. We have put it on our list of books. Good luck with your writing. Signed, [illegible]"

President Bush and Atlanta Nights in a nice sentence
"Travis Tea sent a copy of Atlanta Nights to President Bush and received a nice thank you note and an autographed picture in return" is a very nice sentence.

SCI FI Wire covers the sting
Being rather doubtful that "as a rule of thumb, the quality bar for sci-fi and fantasy is a lot lower than for all other fiction," SCI FI Wire is happy to explore the notion in great "self-crowned writing expert" detail.

Museum of Hoaxes proves Atlanta Nights is the real thing
It is undoubtely a triumph that the Museum of Hoaxes has found it display-worthy and included Atlanta Nights in its permanent exhibition. Museum critics rave!

BBC touts Atlanta Nights as "Brilliantly Bad Book"
In a typical display of British finesse, the BBC does a brilliant writeup of the Brilliant[ly Bad] novel in question.

Famous Author Piers Anthony has noticed Atlanta Nights!
Famous Author Piers Anthony makes distinctive mention of Atlanta Nights in his distinguished website newsletter. This is undeniably a Travis triumph!

Atlanta Nights is now "AS SEEN ON TV!"
ABC Affiliate Channel 6 Action News airs the tell-all story "Controversial Book Publisher" (April 12, 2005), on the Atlanta Nights phenomenon. Audiences watch with bated breath, abandoned snacks, and slack jaws!

Justin Credible reviews the masterpiece by Travis Tea
A polymorphic, megalophonic, grandiose Greek Chorus of a review of Atlanta Nights by the mysteriously prestigious Justin Credible -- manhood's answer to Michiko Kakutani -- has been posted in the Review Section of the Whispers of Wickedness website. The internet community is aquiver!

The Christian Science Monitor notices the inspirational story of Atlanta Nights
The Christian Science Monitor dwells on the path of the sublime and inspirational in its thoughtful article on the Atlanta Nights phenomenon.

Xlibris solicits Travis Tea for its prestigious author stable

From: Xlibris Corporation
To: Travis
Subject: A Note on Publishing Your Writing
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 20:28:13 -0600

Dear Travis,

My name is Tracey Rosengrave, Marketing Manager for Xlibris Corporation, a Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing company. We are sending you this email because we have either learned about your passion for writing or we have had the pleasure of coming across some of your work. If you are interested in self-publishing, I’ve included a brief description of who we are below.

I do send out follow up messages, so if you are not interested in our company or services please click here and I will send no further correspondence. I completely understand how annoying unwanted email messages can be; if this is the case here, my sincerest apologies. For those who would like more information…

Xlibris is partially owned by Random House Ventures, the world’s largest trade book publisher. We have published over 14,000 titles and paid out over $1.6 million in royalties. Everyday we help authors by offering flexible, inexpensive methods of publishing, editing, marketing, distributing and selling books both in trade and full color. I understand that each author has different requirements. And that is why we offer packages that are tailored to your individual needs. At Xlibris we believe in author control.

If you would like to find out more about us, visit our website or email us at Or better yet call us at 1-888-795-4274 -- we are open 24/7. Be sure to ask your publishing consultant for a free publishing kit and book sample when you call. You can also order a publishing kit online by clicking here.

I thank you very much for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerest Regards,

Tracey Rosengrave
Marketing Manager
Xlibris Corporation

Acclaimed author Kenneth J. Harvey has requested that Travis read his book!
On 18 Nov 2005 at 20:18, Kenneth J. Harvey wrote:


Here's the latest on my new novel, THE TOWN THAT FORGOT HOW TO BREATHE, which concerns what happens when the art of storytelling begins to die out in a small, coastal community.

I hope it might be of interest to you.

With all good wishes,


(many prestigious details of this prestigious novel follow . . . we shudder with regret yet must trim for sanctity of space.)

Travis Tea approached by MR. REZA ABDULLA
Wealthy businessman MR. REZA ABDULLA thinks so highly of Travis's reputation for honesty and fair dealing that MR. REZA ABDULLA has requested Travis's URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL help in moving Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand American dollars (U.S.$10.700.000) out of a foreign country through Travis's own bank account.

Travis approached by YUSUFU KABA who needs his help..
News of humanitarian efforts of Travis Tea have reached the fabled region of Sierra lenoe in west Africa, also known as the equally fabled Sierra Lenone, and he is solicited by a young man in good faith for yet another profitable and so very humanitarian venture:

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 08:11:10 -0500 (EST)
From: yusufu 2000
To: Travis

Dear Friend,

Please bear with me for sending this letter to you surprisingly. My name is Mr Yusufu Kaba, a young man originally from Sierra lenoe in west Africa.Presently living in Refugee camp Dakar Senegal.

My sole purpose of contacting you is for you to assist me in Standing for me as my fathers foreign partner to claim and investing my inheritance fund in your country or elsewhere of your choice.

The funds was deposited by my late father in a holding firm in Dakar Senegal after the death of my father during the war in my country Sierra Lenone. we do not have other things left to survive. We have to escape down to Dakar Senegal through the help of red cross to claim the deposit money and transfer it out for investment.

Upon this agreement we have map out 20% percent of the total deposit of (8.2 milion US dollars.) for your Godly assistance and 2% percent for any expenses it will cost you during the transfer to your country.

Please all the documents will be send to you as soon as i hear from you.

Wish to hear from you soon.

Bye and God bless.

Yours truly


Travis is a big-money winner of a lottery based in Spain
Honors and accolades keep piling up! Travis has just been contacted by the Honorable INFO MAILER to inform him of the good news:

To: Travis
Subject: euro millones(your email address have won a lottery)
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:28:21 +0000


Dear Beneficiary

We are please to announce you as one of the 10 lucky winners in the Euro Millones Lottery International Email Address draw on the 30th of November due to the mixture of names and address the result was released on the 31th December 2005. All 10 winning addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000,000 international email addresses. Your email address emerged alongside 9 others as a category 2 winner in the Euro Millones Lottery Draw.

Consequently, you have therefore been approved for a total pay out of US$950,000:00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars Only).The following particulars are attached to your lotto payment order:

(I) Batch No: TTOW/1989/TAC
(ii) Ticket No: 777-312-009
(iii) Lucky No: 01-10-22-33-54
(iv) Ref No: WUMT/XX43/9000/LAES
(V) Serial No: MMUEU/U423/876

The Euro Millones Lottery Program internet draw is held once in a year and is so organized to encourage the use of the internet and computers worldwide. We are proud to say that over 200 Million Euros are won annually in more than 150 countries worldwide.

To claim your winning prize you are to contact the appointed agent as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings:


N.B:Steps to claiming your prize;
1.Please quote your Reference number in all correspondence with the claims officer.

2. You must contact the appointed agent with your Full Names, Contact Telephone Numbers (Home, Office and Mobile Number and also Fax Number) via email to process the immediate payment of your prize.

3. Be informed that the appointed agent will be required to swear an Affidavits of Lotto Claim and also obtain Approval Legal Clearance Certificate from the Court here in Spain which is in accordance with the European Union Financial Act 2004 on payment of International Lottery Winners.

Please be aware that the PAYING BANK will Effect Payment Swiftly upon satisfactory Report, Verifications and validation provided by this fiduciary agent.

For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you.

Be informed that the deadline to claim your winning prize money is 21st Jan,2006.

Once again congratulations!!!

Best regards,

Mrs.Suzan Zeeman
Euro Millones Lottery

Travis Tea receives a fan letter from Bob
Passionate fan Bob Maxey writes an impassioned fan letter:

From: "Bob Maxey"
To: Travis Tea
Subject: Your Wunnerfull book / Your Super-Duper Web Site
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 15:34:13 -0700

Golly, I cannot believe it. I am actually emailing the real Travis Tea. I read your ebook. As I recall, it was something 'Nights' and set in Atlanta or perhaps it was Jersey. I could not put it down.

I really by golly hope you write another book. Perhaps a story about a crime fighting pony. Maybe some big time agent will sell it to Fox. I will watch it.

If you are not interested, please let me land one of those Publishing America contracts deal-o's. I think everyone in my group wants to publish with them and release press releases very much akin to the one your gang sent out.


Travis is offered a state-of-the-art Pen1s Enlargment
Michael Lee informs Travis Tea that, "Finally," it is "the real thing - no more tip-offs! Enhancment Patches are hot right now, VERY hot!" More magnificent details follow, describing the "state-of-the-art Pen1s Enlargment Patch delivery system which automatically increases pen1s size up to 3-4 full inches." Travis is advised that "millions of men are taking advantage of this revolutionary new product," and he mustn't be left behind!

Atlanta Nights - trade paperback cover
ISBN: 1-4116-2298-7
Trade Paperback edition
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