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Láadan Vocabulary Update, June 2003
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Science Fiction Poetry Handbook
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"Bringing in Frost's Morgan"
"Psalm to a Higher Power"
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"Interview with Jemalia St. Gareth"
"Interview with Crandyll Vory"
"Interview with Holdyn Callaweigh"
The Communipaths
We Have Always Spoken Panglish
Native Tongue Trilogy: Excerpts
Ozark Trilogy: Excerpt
Ozark Trilogy prequel: "What the EPA Don't Know Won't Hurt Them" [offsite link]
"Weather Bulletin"

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Why Writers Who Aren't Yet Superstars Should Have a Small Business of Their Own -- and How To Go About It
Keeping your Book Alive
Can a Language Be Owned?
The Link Between Language and the Perception of Reality
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Linguistics & Science Fiction Newsletter (sample issue)
Book Review: Aliens and Linguists: Language Study and Science Fiction, by Walter E. Meyers
The Sad Fate of Coyote Jones