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The last Academy novel

One of Library Journal's Five Best Science Fiction/Fantasy novels of 2007.

Cauldron is Ace Books' Featured SF for November 2007

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"McDevitt is ... quite thoughtful and he has not forgotten how to give us a good read. So don't let this one slip past you."

— Analog

"McDevitt is a superb writer. His novels as well as a recent collection of short stories, Outbound (so good I wanted more), are solid, adventuresome, thoughtful reading. His 2005 novel Seeker won a well-deserved Nebula award. Cauldron is a more thoughtful book that gives readers a lot to ponder. I wanted more mystery and adventure, with more to the finale and less about the decay of human civilization. But if he's right about reaching a high point and backsliding...." [complete review]

— Dan Scanlan
The Florida Times Union
16 December 2007

"...Displays (McDevitt's) talent for character building and seamless blending hard science with SF action/adventurer. Highly recommended."

— Library Journal

"For all that Cauldron draws on McDevitt's earlier novels, everything a reader needs to know to enter his wonder-filled world is included in the book, which can easily stand on its own. New readers won't feel lost, while returning readers won't feel they are being told what they already know. Cauldron succeeds as both an entry in an ongoing series and as a stand-alone novel."

— SF Site

"...Wonders and mysteries and dangers, but also discoveries laced with melancholy (more ruins, more neighbors we just missed) and deep irony. The climactic encounter at the galactic core (where the source of the omegas is indeed found) is particularly ironic, with echoes of Fred Hoyle...."

— Locus

Easton Press will release a leatherbound edition

November 2007
ISBN-10: 0441015255


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