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News Flash! Seeker wins Best Novel Nebula!

Cover for SEEKER, by Jack McDevitt Nebula Award for SEEKER

SESFA Awards at Trinoc*coN

Seeker has won the SESFA Award for best novel, and McDevitt receives the SESFA Lifetime Achievement Award. Other nominees for best novel were The Home by Scott Nicholson (Pinnacle Books), Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card (Tor), and War Surf by M. M. Buckner (Ace). McDevitt won previously in 2002 for best novel, Deepsix.

Also on the ballot for the lifetime award were Poppy Z. Brite, William S. Gibson, and Robert McCammon.

Michael Bishop won the short fiction prize for "Bears Discover Smut," from SciFiction.

The winners were announced during a July 22, 2006, ceremony at DeepSouthCon in Raleigh, NC.

McDevitt was delighted.

Awards & Honors


"'Why read Jack McDevitt?' The question should be, 'Who among us is such a slow pony that s/he isn't reading McDevitt?'"

— Harlan Ellison

"Deduction and speculation merge fruitfully in this ultimately quite intriguing adventure."

— Off the Shelf

"It's not often that I read a book all the way from beginning to end. For the most part I simply don't have the time I once did. But, I'm also finding that there simply aren't the books out there that grab my attention in that way....Whatever the case, this is one book that I picked up and didn't put back down until it was done. Highly recommended."


"Surprise is not the (sole) measure of the book, and the pleasures of a McDevitt tale lie as much in the telling as in the springing of the climax. The McGuffin here is not only a starship-as-archeological-find but all the associations and possibilities that trail along behind the legend of Seeker.... Then there are the expected features of a detective novel (which is what this is, structurally) as following all those leads lets us visit various parts of this strangely comfortable milieu.... The quest gets farther into the exotic than does Polaris, and the last quarter of the book contains several nicely placed trapdoors that deliver us to a satisfactory and entirely science-fictional payoff...."


"Gripping....McDevitt is now being compared, quite legitimately, to Arthur C. Clarke, and not only because he has a similar kind of grand vision. of the human future among the stars. He also has characters with amiable, or not so amiable, quirks who in the middle of deciphering the secrets of lost races take time worry ing about where to get a good meal in the next town. One of these days McDevitt is going to receive an actual and well-deserved big award to go with his professional stature."

— Booklist

"McDevitt's latest sf adventure features personal drama as well as fast-paced action in the depths of outer space. Combining hard science with superb storytelling, this compelling take belongs in most sf collections."

— Library Journal

PW Starred Review"...A breathless trek across star systems intriguing mystery plot, a bevy of fully realized characters, ingenious AI ships, and avatars of long-departed personalities.... The scientific interpolations are as convincing as the far future planetscapes and the human and alien societies, bolstering an irresistible tractor beam of heavy-duty action. This novel delivers everything it promises — with a galactic wallop.

— Publishers' Weekly

The Author Comments: Seeker

Excerpt: Chapter 14

November 2005
Ace Books
ISBN: 0441013295

Now available:

Seeker in ebook format at Books on Board

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Easton Press leatherbound edition.

Seeker joins The Engines of God, Infinity Beach, Eternity Road, Ancient Shores, Omega, and Polaris in the Easton Library.


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