Flash Forward

SFWA member Robert J. Sawyer’s novel Flash Forward has been picked up by ABC as a new series. Pretty exciting for SF fans and WIRED news got to see the first episode.

Flash Forward, based on the book by Robert J. SawyerThe show, created by The Dark Knight co-writer David S. Goyer, explores the aftermath of a two-minute, 17-second, blackout experienced by the whole of humanity.

Besides the car wrecks, botched surgeries and bruised bodies resulting from 6.8 billion earthlings losing motor function simultaneously, Episode 1 (which includes a cameo from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane) sets up two overarching questions: a) What the hell happened? And b) During the global blackout, each human experienced a “memory” of events that happen six months in the future. Can they, or should they, try to change destiny?

Fans of the book will be in for a surprise, since there are evidently a lot of changes in store. David S. Goyer, the creator of the show says, “It would be pretty stupid to build a hit TV series that has a mystery you could solve by going to a bookstore.”