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Overcoming the Rejection Machine: Why a Positivity Read Should Be Part of Your Publishing Journey

By Shawn Proctor Whether you enroll in a writing workshop or writer’s group, there is a premium placed on critique as the main path to improving your craft. Peer writers working on the same elements of character, plot, voice, and pacing are excellent partners for highlighting a story’s foibles and fumbles and offering suggestions to […]

In Memoriam: Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop (12 November 1945 – 13 November 2023) was a prolific and beloved speculative fiction writer of short to long fiction, along with poetry and anthology curation, with professional publications spanning over fifty years. In addition to four Locus Awards and numerous Hugo Award nominations, he won the Nebula award in 1981 for the […]

Art Direction on a Budget

by Austin Conrad Editorial note: This is the first in a two-part series from Austin Conrad on acquiring illustrations for tabletop games. Part 1 will focus on working directly with an artist, and Part 2 will present additional options, such as using stock art, public domain art, and similar resources. In the tabletop games industry, […]