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Results of the 2024 SFWA Officer Elections

Full SFWA members had the opportunity to vote last spring for 2024 candidates for the SFWA Board of Directors. We’d like to thank all our members who took the time to vote. The SFWA Board and staff would also like to thank the candidates who volunteered their time and expertise to run for office in […]

How to Rewrite a Story for a Different Call

By Dannye Chase So you’ve got a solid story and a perfect publication. The problem? They don’t quite match up.  Have no fear! If you wrote it, you can unwrite it, and then rewrite it for that sweet new market.  Before we get started, it’s important to note there are some really good reasons not […]

Culture: Moving Beyond Set Dressing

by Kanishk Tantia This essay is the fifth of eight in the Publishing Taught Me: A SFWA Anthology Project. The first story I ever wrote was unabashedly my own: written with unfiltered childlike enthusiasm, completed within a single draft and, to my eyes, perfect upon completion. Two donkeys killed each other because one was purple […]