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Edward M. Lerner is pleased to announce the mass-market re-release of his 2009 medical-nanotech thriller, Small Miracles.

When the gas pipeline exploded, it took a small miracle – or rather a myriad of them – to save Brent Cleary’s life.  Only now the small miracles have a mind of their own.  And an agenda.
“A very powerful argument for deliberation with experimental techniques as well as a suspenseful story—a modern day Frankenstein with the potential for global tragedy.”
— Critical Mass

“Held my attention all the way through, and kept me awake way past my bedtime as the tensions mounted … This book was smart, engaging, and tight, with all the little pieces fitting together in the long run. Highly recommended.”
—  Intergalactic Medicine Show

“Buy this book quick.  It’ll be obsolete, or will have come true, in 2016.”
—   Larry Niven, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of Ringworld

“ ‘Miracle: an event or act that breaks a law of nature — especially one attributed to a deity.’ Well the miracles in Edward M. Lerner’s new book may be small ones but they fit the definition in that they definitely aren’t natural — which could be a problem. When God makes a miracle it is a wonder; but a man-made miracle can as easily be a blunder. We are only human after all …”
—  Brian Lumley, Grand Master of horror and author of Necroscope

Edward M. Lerner
Tor Books
ISBN 0765360705

Edward M. Lerner is a member of SFWA.

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