Kickstarting It

Logo SFWA-Web squareRecognizing that crowdfunding has rapidly emerged as a significant means of income for authors, SFWA now maintains a curated page and official group for project creators on Kickstarter.

The page at contains links to active and past projects involving our members. These may include self-published books or other projects run by members, or anthologies and collections which include SFWA members in some important way. The focus will be on fiction and publishing, but other kinds of projects by SFWA members are welcome.

The group is maintained for the Self-Publishing committee by Rob Balder, utilizing a search tool he and his web team devised for identifying projects using the member directory. It’s a good but not perfect way to find qualifying projects, so to guarantee that your project comes to his attention, you can email and let him know about any Kickstarter you’re involved with–if you are a member of SFWA.

Project creators can also join the SFWA group, which will then automatically notify the group manager when you launch your future projects.

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