is SFWA’s newest qualifying short fiction market

Tor.comToday the board of directors of SFWA unanimously voted to add to the list of SFWA qualifying markets. Just celebrating its first year online, this extension of Tor Books features science-fiction and fantasy fiction as well as art, non-fiction, essays, and book reviews.

They have published SFWA authors such as Ken Scholes, Steven Gould , and Kij Johnson.

Congratulations to the entire editorial staff at and their writers!

UPDATE, 10 May 2010: now has actual submission guidelines, posted here.

4 Responses

  1. Charlie Stross

    *Waves hand*

    Also: me and Scalzi.

    Kaolin Fire: have you considered politely introducing yourself to one of the editors? I think you’ll discover it’s invite-only because they’re not set up to manage a slushpile, and if you’re an SFWA member and/or a Tor author they’ll talk to you.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    And me! Forthcoming anyway.

    Just as a data-point, I queried and submitted to them before selling them a novel.