Change of Eastern Regional Director of SFWA

Catherynne M. Valente has announced her resignation as the Eastern Regional Director for SFWA. She said, “It was a rewarding and challenging experience to work with a group of dedicated, tireless advocates, but personal circumstances have brought me to the realization that I cannot serve out the remainder of my term effectively. I thank the Board for their service and support, and will continue to be an active member of the organization.”

The board would like to thank Catherynne for her two years of service and acting to make sure that the continued interests of the Eastern Region in particular and all members in general, are well served.

The president, with the confirmation of the board, has appointed E.C. “Eugene” Myers to serve out the remaining year of the Ms. Valente’s term.

Eugene Myers is the author of FAIR COIN and QUANTUM COIN, young adult science fiction novels published by Pyr. This year, FAIR COIN was honored with the Norton Award.  Eugene currently lives in Philadelphia, and New York City previously.  He has been publishing since 2006, attending Clarion West in 2005. Both before and since that time, he has been active in volunteering within the science fiction and fantasy community. Since 2011, he’s been working at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a development writer. In his previous job, he worked as a librarian with the Lifetime channel. In addition to his specific volunteer activities, Eugene is active and well-known among writers in the northeast, especially in New York City and Philadelphia. In New York, he was a regular attendee of the KGB readings and a member of the writing group Altered Fluid. He has an active, well-regarded presence on social media, and is well-respected, especially among new and local writers.  He is especially well-equipped to help run the Mill & Swill, which is important in his new capacity as Eastern Regional Director. As a New York native, he is extremely familiar with the venue. He is also well-acquainted with the important players due to his activity within the New York City writing community. 

Please welcome him to his new position.