Bulletin Task Force Takes Next Steps

SFWA President Steven Gould announces that the organization has paid all contributors for material previously contracted for the Bulletin, which is currently on publication hiatus.

“SFWA is dedicated to protecting the rights of professional writers, so this was an essential first step,” Gould said.

The SFWA Bulletin suspended publication in June after several controversies over content.

“Membership spoke loud and clear, telling us that the Bulletin did not meet their professional expectations,” Gould said. “I want everyone to know that we are listening, and acting to address the issues raised.”

Gould, who became president on July 1, is a member of the Bulletin Task Force appointed to evaluate the Bulletin and make sure that it serves SFWA members better in the future.

All material purchased for the Bulletin will be held for possible publication, pending the recommendations of the task force, and the results of the upcoming membership survey.

Now that the contractual issues are resolved, the task force will issue a survey on the Bulletin. The survey will be distributed in print and electronic forms to reach all members.

The survey will cover format, content, delivery, and other issues that have emerged as part of recent discussions. It is currently undergoing final revisions.

“This will be an opportunity for members to express what they want and need from SFWA’s official publication,” Gould said.

Any questions or comments about the Bulletin should be submitted to the task force at bulletin@sfwa.org.

For more information about this announcement or additional remarks from SFWA leaders, please contact Jaym Gates at communications@sfwa.org.