In Memoriam – Susan Casper

Susan Casper (b.1947) died on February 24 following a long illness. A member of SFWA throughout her life, her first published story was “Spring-Fingered Jack,” which appeared in the Charles L. Grant anthology, Fears in 1983.  Over the next twenty years, she continued to publish short fiction, usually alone, but occasionally in collaboration with her husband, editor Gardner Dozois (and once with Jack Dann).  Although many of her stories were dark or horror fiction, she could also write humor and had works appear in Esther Friesner’s, “Chicks in Chainmail” series.  With Dozois and Dann, Casper also edited the anthology Ripper! (a.k.a. Jack the Ripper) in 1988.

One Response

  1. DC

    She was a writer.
    Is there anything else more important in this world than that? No.
    She will always be with us because she was a writer.
    She will live on as her words live on and her ideas live on and her soul lives on- because she was a writer.