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McIntyre Quartet Debuts at

The STARFARERS quartet debuted at Book View Cafe on 20 December 2009. The four novels — Starfarers, Transition, Metaphase, Nautilus — will be serialized one chapter per week, and the ebook versions will be available for $4.99 each.  The episodes will be launched on Sundays at and available daily at McIntyre’s novel bookshelf: […]

Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons

In the wake of her MANSFIELD PARK AND MUMMIES, author and publisher Vera Nazarian will write NORTHANGER ABBEY AND ANGELS AND DRAGONS, another hilarious Jane Austen parody in which romantic heroine Catherine Morland must not only decrypt the mystery of the Udolpho Code but win her true love Henry Tilney, while beset by all the […]

How to Blow Up a Planet!

Jeanne Cavelos appears in a show currently airing on the Science Channel.  SCI-FI SCIENCE:  PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE is a six-episode TV miniseries airing in December and January.  Physicist Michio Kaku hosts.  Jeanne is in the episode titled “How to Blow Up a Planet.”  The episode airs on 12/22 at 10:30 PM and at other […] Welcomes Chris Dolley

On Saturday, December 5, conquers Europe as science fiction author and memoirist, Chris Dolley, joins the team. Originally from the UK, but now living in France, Dolley has had two SF novels (Resonance and Shift) published by Baen. Currently he is working on a true crime memoir based on his own experience of having […]


Nearing midnight on Monday, November 23rd, super fan Brian C. of Portland, Oregon armored up for the imminent release of Plague Zone, the third title in Jeff Carlson’s internationally acclaimed sci fi thriller series. “Cam Najarro is my personal Harry Potter,” said Brian C., referring to the hero in the Plague novels. Why did Mr. C arrive at […]

Norilana Books presents Mansfield Park and Mummies

Norilana Books is proud to present Mansfield Park and Mummies: Monster Mayhem, Matrimony, Ancient Curses, True Love, and Other Dire Delights by Jane Austen and Vera Nazarian, a hilarious “comedy of monsters and manners.” This stylish and clever parody of the Austen classic Manfield Park, comes complete with “scholarly” Footnotes that harangue the reader, amazing […]