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In Memoriam – Travis Heermann

Travis Heermann (22 October 1969 – 26 April 2024), also writing as T. James Logan,  was a prolific and award-winning author, ghostwriter, poet, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer, editor, and publisher. In addition to a lifetime of creative accomplishments, Heermann was a beloved volunteer for the SFWA Publications team. In prose, Heermann wrote novels, such as The […]

Tie Up the Loose Ends: A Writer’s Guide to Sailor’s Knots

By May Haddad Knot tying (“nodology” in Latin, “kompology” in Greek) is a time-honored skill honed in seafaring for millennia. Its history intertwines with maritime exploration, naval warfare, and the development of trade routes all over the world. Even as synthetic ropes replaced natural fibers, knots used by sailors centuries ago remain in wide use […]

In Memoriam – Jubilee Cho

Jubilee Cho (13 April 1998 – 06 March 2024) was a writer and dreamer, and the author of the upcoming middle grade fantasy novel Wishing Well, Wishing Well. Cho grew up near Disneyland, enamored with stories of fantastical princesses. Yearning to see herself included in such tales, she wrote her own to help give new […]