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Information Center

No writer is an island.  Whether you’re submitting your first manuscript or negotiating film rights for your latest novel, this Information Center will help you perfect your craft and protect your interests.

Advice for New Writers

Manuscript Preparation
(Standard Manuscript Format, Cover Letters, SASE’s)

Writing Tips
(How to Become a Writer, Basic Technique, Advice from Pros)

Where to Submit Short Stories
(Market listings)

How to Sell Your Novel
(Finding a Publisher, Understanding the System, Increasing Your Novel’s Chances)

Contracts and Copyrights

Sample Contracts
(What to include, which clauses to avoid, how to interpret the legal data)

Copyright Education
(What is a copyright? What to do if your copyright is violated)

Piracy and DMCA
(Known piracy websites, DMCA notice templates)

Writing Techniques
(World-Building, Characterization, Plotting, Description)

Workshops and Critique Groups
(Online Critique Groups, Upcoming Workshops, How to Get the Most out of a Critique Group)

Keeping At It
(Maintaining Motivation, Increasing Word Counts, Avoiding Writers’ Block)

The Business of Writing

Agent Etiquette
(Finding an Agent, Switching Agents, List of Reputable Agencies)

Editors and Publishing Houses
(Royalty payments, Copy-editing, Understanding your Publisher)

Career Management
(Pseudonyms, Media Tie-ins, Jump-starting a Stalled Career)

Networking and Self-Promotion
(Conventions, Signings, Blogs and other Social Media)

Publishing Technologies
(Podcasting, E-books, Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing)