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Indie Pub 101 Main Page

Welcome to the home of SFWA’s Indie Pub 101!

The resources that make up Indie Pub 101 were put together by SFWA’s Independent Authors Committee, drawing from their experiences across a wide range of independent publishing backgrounds. Indie Pub 101’s purpose is to provide up-to-date resources for indie authors so they can improve their craft, produce professional books, and promote their work competitively in the digital marketplace, using the best practices and innovations we’ve found as successful indie authors.

What’s indie publishing? In these materials, indie publishing refers to self-publishing, but many of the principles involved can also be applied to a great many hybrid and small press authors. Indeed, many of the marketing and promotional materials are also useful for authors with Big 4 contracts; it’s no secret that creators are increasingly responsible for promoting their projects, no matter their paths to publication.

The following resources are available in Indie Pub 101, and more are on the way!

The SFWA Independent Authors Committee also runs an ongoing monthly series, THE INDIE FILES, for the SFWA Blog on topics of interest to indie authors, with 20 pieces published and more on the way! Here’s the full list of THE INDIE FILES topics.

For questions about Indie Pub 101, email indie-authors@sfwa.org.