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Grievance Committee

The only reason anyone comes to Griefcom is because they’ve got trouble.

Luckily, Griefcom is here to help. Maybe your publisher isn’t paying you royalties, or you have parted ways and now you can’t get a letter of rights reversion. Or you’ve hired a cover artist who isn’t doing the job and won’t give you a refund. Griefcom will step in and do our best to make the problem go away.

The SFWA Grievance Committee (Griefcom) is comprised of a small number of volunteers, but we call on subject matter experts when we need to. As of October 2023, Griefcom is composed of a chairperson and two members, one who assists with international complaints and one with novel complaints:

  • Brian K. Lowe – Chairperson
  • Dan Koboldt – International

Two important points to keep in mind when considering using Griefcom:

  • Any problem you bring to Griefcom is kept in-house. You can talk about your problems if you want, but we won’t.
  • Our services are not limited to SFWA members. If you are a writer who qualifies for SFWA membership, regardless of whether you’ve joined, you can ask for our help. Review SFWA’s membership eligibility rules here.

If you are in need of Griefcom’s services, and you’re eligible for them, it’s time to learn How to Handle a Grievance and Avoid Trouble. Be sure to also review What Griefcom Can and Cannot Do For You.