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Givers Fund Grants

Givers Fund grants are awarded once a year in the late fall. The pool of funds available varies from year to year, depending on donations received. Applicants may submit a grant request at any time during the year.

Requests received after October 1st will be considered in the next grant cycle. After October 1st, requests are screened, collated and submitted as a single group to a committee, regardless of when the request was submitted. The application form is here: https://airtable.com/shrw20U4c7bRa0ym9

Please note that SFWA cannot provide grants to individuals/entities for their own profit. The Givers Fund does not provide grants for travel or research by an individual, including members of SFWA. The Fund does not provide grants to any organization or individual to pay writers for articles or stories, stipends, honorariums, speaking fees, or any other form of payment for services. Most grants go to not-for-profit or similar entities for the expenses of running workshops, reading series, or similar activities that further Science Fiction & Fantasy genre writing. Please read the grant request forms and address any questions to givers.grants@sfwa.org.