Volunteer at Worldcon for the dealer’s room, autographs, or the SFWA suite

Anticipation, the 67th Worldcon, will be held from August 6th – 10th in Montreal. SFWA is looking for volunteers to help out in three different areas.
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The Dealer’s Room
Once again, SFWA will have a table in the dealers room. SFWA will be selling books, T-shirts, and memberships at the table. We need SFWA members to help staff the table when the dealers room is open. If you can volunteer some of your time, whether an hour here or there, or longer, we’d love to have you help out. We know that you probably don’t have your panel schedule yet, but feel free to express your interest and we can work out the details of what shift is convenient for you after schedules are sent out.

Dealers Room hours are: Thursday, 1-7, Friday-Sunday 10-6, and Monday 10-4.

In addition to working at the table in the Dealers Room, SFWA would like to have authors agree to sit at the table and sign autographs. Again, at this time, just let Steven know if you’re available and willing and we can work out a specific time once you have your schedule in place.

SFWA Suite
Finally, SFWA will be hosting the SFWA Suite once again. If you can help out in the suite, let us know your willingness and availability.

So, if you’re going to be in Montreal, please visit our volunteer center and sign up to help SFWA with one or more of the volunteer opportunities:

Dealers Table http://tinyurl.com/sfwadealers
Autographing http://tinyurl.com/sfwaautographs
SFWA Suite http://tinyurl.com/sfwasuite

5 Responses

  1. Celia

    I’m always puzzled by these posts–I understand that there needs to be some sort of selection process for volunteers, but the fact that they are *always* restricted to SFWA members puzzles me. Wouldn’t some of these be a good thing to think of as an outreach activity? Surely having interested non-members helping with the Dealers Table and Autographing wouldn’t compromise the principles of the organization, and might help spread the gospel a little, so to speak.

  2. Celia

    (Sorry, I should say helping with running the autographing, not actually sitting at the tables signing things–I was unclear above.)

  3. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Celia, there’s no restriction on dealer’s table and it is definitely open to non-members.

    As you’ve noted, the autograph table is for members who want to sign things and the SFWA suite is members-only.

  4. Celia

    The post doesn’t mention SFWA status at all, but the volunteer link above says members only for the dealer’s room: “We need SFWA members to help staff the table when the dealers room is open.”

    (I won’t actually be at Worldcon, this just jumped out at me as seeming exclusionary.)