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Featured Members

J. L. Doty

Jim has written more than 15 science fiction and fantasy novels. He’s a scientist, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, specialty laser physics. His new hard SF series, The Blacksword Regiment, will be available beginning in July 2020.

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley is a Nebula-nominated speculative fiction author. She has been writing full-time since 2016, including bespoke near-future science fiction for Thales and NATO for internal projects. She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

Catherine Schaff-Stump

Cath Schaff-Stump writes speculative fiction for children and adults, from humor to horror. You can find her at Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, @cathschaffstump, and cathschaffstump.com.

Catherine Lundoff

Catherine Lundoff is a Minneapolis-based award-winning writer, editor and publisher. Her fiction appears in Fireside Magazine as well as several World of Darkness anthologies and her books can found at Queen of Swords Press.

Nick Wood

Nick Wood is a South African-British clinical psychologist and Science Fiction (SF) writer, with over two dozen short stories published previously. Nick’s debut novel was AZANIAN BRIDGES and his next novel, WATER MUST FALL, is due in April, 2020.

Laura Lam

Laura Lam is the author of the near-future space thriller, GOLDILOCKS, feminist space opera SEVEN DEVILS (written with Elizabeth May), FALSE HEARTS, SHATTERED MINDS, PANTOMIME, SHADOWPLAY & MASQUERADE. She lectures on the Edinburgh Napier CW MA.

Henry Lien

Henry is a four-time Nebula/Norton finalist. He is the author of the PEASPROUT CHEN fantasy series. His short fiction has appeared in publications like Asimov’s, Analog, and F&SF. Hobbies include writing SFWA anthems and losing Nebula/Norton awards.

Sharon Lynn Fisher

Sharon Lynn Fisher writes smart, twisty, passionate tales – mash-ups of science fiction, fantasy, and slow-burn romance set in lush and atmospheric worlds. Her new historical fantasy series, The Faery Rehistory, is being published by Blackstone.

Dan Moren

Dan Moren is the author of The Aleph Extraction, coming in May 2020 from Angry Robot Books, as well as The Bayern Agenda and The Caledonian Gambit. He’s also a freelance journalist covering technology, and a prolific podcaster.

R.W.W. Greene

R.W.W. Greene is a New Hampshire writer whose debut novel “The Light Years” is springing from the presses at Angry Robot Books on Feb. 11, 2020. Publishers Weekly dubbed the book “clever” and Greene “an author to watch.”