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Featured Members

J.D. Lakey

J.D. Lakey is the author the Black Bead Chronicles (winner of Winner of IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin digital award), and Taurok’s Vengeance (2018 B.R.A.G. medallion winner). Readers love her lyrical writing style and expertly-crafted worlds.

N. J. Schrock

Incense Rising is N. J. Schrock’s debut novel. She spent 25 years in corporate R&D before going back to school to earn her master’s degree in English. Now, Schrock writes and teaches chemistry and English classes at the University of West Florida.

David Mack

David Mack is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. His writing credits span many media, including television, short fiction, and comic books. He lives in NYC.

Dan Stout

Dan Stout lives in Ohio, where he writes about fever dreams and half-glimpsed shapes in the shadows. His fiction has appeared in numerous venues in print and online, and his debut novel Titanshade is a noir fantasy thriller from DAW Books.

Kevin L. O’Brien

Kevin L. O’Brien is a hybrid author who has been granted an Honorable Mention by the Writers of the Future award for 2018. He has been published in Sword and Sorceress and through Kindle. He is the creator of Team Girl and Differel Van Helsing.

Julie C. Day

Julie C. Day has published over 30 stories in magazines such as Interzone, Podcastle & Black Static. Her collection UNCOMMON MIRACLES is forthcoming from PS Publishing this October. Julie’s fiction reflects her relish for the surreal and esoteric.

Kate Heartfield

Kate Heartfield is the author of the time-travel novella Alice Payne Arrives, the historical fantasy novel Armed in Her Fashion, and the interactive fiction The Road to Canterbury, as well as dozens of short stories. She lives in Canada.

Lou Antonelli

Lou Antonelli a full-time journalist and owner of The Clarksville (Tx.) Times. He was a finalist for the Sidewise and Dragon awards (both in alternate history) and the Hugos (twice). He’s authored 124 short stories, five collections, and one novel.

Jonathan Brazee

Jonathan is a retired Marine infantry colonel, now a full-time writer living in North Las Vegas with Kiwi and three rescue cats. A hybrid writer, he has 55 titles published and was a 2017 Nebula Finalist with his novelette, “Weaponized Math.”

L. D. Colter

Writing novels under L. D. Colter in contemporary fantasy and L. Deni Colter in epic fantasy, Liz also has short stories in many magazines and anthologies. Her debut novel, A Borrowed Hell, is a 2018 winner of the Colorado Book Award.