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Featured Books

For the Good of the Realm

Discovering someone using magic against the Queen she serves, Guardswoman Anna d’Gart is plunged into political intrigue. Although magic is prohibited, she must work with a witch and use all her skills and courage to save the Queen and the Realm.

Crystal Coming Home

Cyrstal reaches maturity—and with it comes an overwhelming need to mate, a compulsion so strong he must die of pain unless fulfilled. But Crystal’s silicon-based biology makes him a singleton, a unique lifeform—no mate for him in the Milky Way.

The Juice

A media company gives on-air talent a drug that makes them extremely charismatic, capable of getting anyone to do almost anything. Three unlikely allies come together to stop this: a rebel tech head, fearless teen and a secretive executive.

Déjà Doomed

Picture a near-future adventure set mostly on the Moon. Our intrepid explorers find artifacts left behind by ancient alien visitors – and you just know nothing good can come of their poking around. Even if the novel’s title weren’t Déjà Doomed.

Too Long at the Faire

In a world much like ours, Ray Amalfitano works in a copy shop down the street from Johns Hopkins University and dreams of the day when he’ll be able to enter the Tournament of Festive Combat at the annual FaeFaire. That day is today.

Son of the Storm

A young scholar’s ambition threatens to reshape an empire determined to retain its might in this epic tale of violent conquest, buried histories, and forbidden magic inspired by ancient West-African empires.

She’s the One Who Gets in Fights

A 13th-century woman joins the army and discovers they plan to abandon her home region to invaders. Should she be loyal the military she admires? Or should she side with her sisters, who plan to defend their homeland with magic?