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Featured Books

Bitter Medicine

In this inspired contemporary fantasy, a Chinese immortal and a French elf try to balance new romance, familial loyalty, and workplace demands. Taiwanese American author Mia Tsai has created an unforgettable paranormal adventure.

Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger

In this debut novel, stoic sharpshooter Melinda West and her partner, Lance, exterminate monsters in the Old West. When they accidentally release a demon, they embark on a desperate journey to save their friend’s soul and stop a supernatural war.

A Diamond Dream

A Diamond Dream completes the Jubilee Cycle trilogy, set in a dystopian future Tokyo, where every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by corporations that charge licensing fees. At last, the story is complete!!!

The Foreign Exchange

A Vodou priestess turned amateur sleuth investigating a ritual murder is embroiled in an insidious case of corruption that reaches beyond the shadows of New Orleans.

Teahouse of the Gods

NacaRat’s interactive-fiction novel set in Chengdu, China, where you were once a mountain who fell in love with the End of the Universe. Cover art by Weiwei @peevishpants.

The Control Problem

In a lonely quest for motherhood, Vera Elpis fails to appreciate her own peculiarity. What happened before she moved here? How does she always know every fact and figure? And why doesn’t her cousin, an executive at a secretive tech firm, trust her?

The Scarlet Circus

Jane Yolen brings you passionate treasures and delirious transformations. This bewitching assemblage, with an original introduction from Brandon Sanderson, is an ideal read for anyone who appreciates witty compelling, and classic romantic fantasy.

The Bloodstained Shade: Book 3 of the Aven Cycle

In an alternate version of ancient Rome, a trio of patrician sisters and an ambitious senator must protect their city from the blood-soaked machinations of a corrupt cult by performing extraordinary magic and facing the shadows on their own souls.