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Featured Books

The Hencha Queen

Silya finally has everything she always wanted: She’s the Hencha Queen, head of the Temple, and is mastering her newfound talents. So why does the world pick now to fall apart?

Forget messy. Things just got apocalyptic.

The Return

Completely reliant on automation and artificial intelligence to manage their lives, desperate human beings learn to survive, bond, and unlock the power of their minds when a war destroys all the world’s power grids. “An Enthralling Page-Turner!”

Suck a Little Happy Juice

So you want to be an indie author. Or maybe you’re scared to do it all yourself and are looking for a publisher but want to know more about the book business. Scott is a 30 year publishing veteran and chair of the SFWA Indie Author Committee.

A Thousand Li: The Fourth Stage

Returning to the Verdant Green Waters sect over a decade after his exile, Wu Ying finds his position and place within the Sect in flux. Strong enough to be an Elder, he has jealous and worried rivals to contend with.

Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology

This is the first short story anthology set in a shared fictional world based on a blend of African cultures. Featuring authors from around the African continent and diaspora, the Sauútiverse is filled with wonder, mystery, and magic.

Convergence Problems

From the Hugo & Nebula award nominated author of Shigidi and The Brass Head Of Obalufon comes a stunning new collection of stories that investigate the rapidly changing role of technology and belief in our lives as we converge to our future selves.

The Pollutant Speaks

Humanity is crushed onto seven small worlds, and an enigmatic alien super-culture sets impossible goals to qualify for contact. A discharged mental patient finds himself bankrupt; his escape is to venture further into the cosmos than he ever dreamed.

The Panharmonion Chronicles: Times of London

In this thriller across 19th-21st century Britain, Canada, USA…Alex Campbell, a Canadian mixed-race female musician with a conflicted identity, a tragic past and repressed supernatural abilities, is fighting a supremacist cult through Time.

Life and Death on Mars

Amid a second Cold War, China is not about to lose a space race. Nor is America. Nor a cabal of multi-billionaires. All scrambling to launch on a schedule to make the Sixties contest seem lackadaisical. Rivalry that could only continue on Mars…