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Featured Books

She’s the One Who Gets in Fights

A 13th-century woman joins the army and discovers they plan to abandon her home region to invaders. Should she be loyal the military she admires? Or should she side with her sisters, who plan to defend their homeland with magic?

The Ivory Pin

Ta Nyahl, last of his kria clan, has been trying to revenge the death of his people at the hands of humans. He allies with a human woman and her partner. Can the three of them save the world?

Adriana’s Family: A Novel

In the aftermath of global warfare, humans co-inhabited by aliens from a crashed spacecraft struggle to stay together and survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Queen of All

The only interesting thing about fourteen-year-old Jena is other people. Her mother disappeared when she was a baby, and her best (and only) friend, Sisi, is not just the lost heir to a noble Numbered house, but also the Kingdom’s most famous beauty.


Evil lives in a traveling carnival roaming the Depression-era South. But the carnival’s newest act, a peculiar young woman with latent magical powers, may hold the key to defeating it. Her time has come.

Assassin of Curses

With the kingdom in ruins and his beloved princess incapacitated, Coren is forced to deal with a powerful empire for her cure. A woman with a dark past offers help, but it involves forbidden magic and dark memories. Does he dare trust her?