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A new illegal drug is showing up on America’s streets. Named ‘Skyflash’, the powerful drug gives users a breathtaking burst of intelligence, strength, and confidence. But Skyflash has a horrifying dark side.


Rat’s Reputation

Abandoned as a kit, found by gypsy squirrels, raised among the mouse clans of Ottersgate island, Rat has tried all his life to fit in. Things just never seems to quite work out for him, though…


InterstellarNet: Enigma

Humanity once feared that we might be alone in the universe. Now we know better. And we’ve learned there are worse things than being alone …


Hard Luck Hank – Suck My Cosmos

Life is tough on the space station Belvaille. When the wife of a City Councilman approaches Hank about spying on her husband, Hank worries he’s flying too close to the flames for safety. When the husband is assassinated, he’s sure of it.


Einar and the Myrtledale Conspiracy

Sixteen-year-old Einar goes to Myrtledale and into a whirlwind of tournaments, assassins, and Barbara Bloodbath’s plan for a new ice cream parlor. The tournaments and bake-off contest may end in civil war before any winners are declared.


The Fantasy Book Murders

After a famous fantasy writer is murdered in his castle-like mansion, two unlikely investigators discover evidence of a serial killer. As they uncover the backgrounds of the victims, the truth resembles the writer’s most bizarre and horrific fiction.


The Clockwork Crown (Clockwork Dagger #2)

On the run from assassins and kidnappers, Octavia Leander struggles to understand the changing nature of her healing magic and becomes more embroiled in the royal tragedy that has devastated her country for decades.


Beasts of Tabat

In a city torn with political strife, a boy named Teo and a female Gladiator try to find their bearings.


Children of Arkadia

Arkadia, one of four space stations orbiting Jupiter, was to be a haven for all who fought the corrupt systems of Earth, where both humans and Artificial Intelligences could be happy and free. But which will prove more powerful: freedom or happiness?