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A Thousand Recipes for Revenge

In a France-inspired realm of musketeers, Chefs are regarded as elite warriors and clerics blessed by the Five Gods. Chef Adamantine Garland and her long-lost daughter, Princess Solenn, battle assassins and court intrigues as war looms over them.

The Open Book

Something strange is going on.

Something is permeating its victims, crawling inside, taking over their lives and destroying them before moving on to the next. The people seemingly have nothing in common… nothing except the book they happened upon.

The Translucent Boy and the Children of Ice

Final book of the series • Odo and Sephie unexpectedly attend the Bedford Falls Flower Show, discovering a time-bending embroidered sampler from 1749 and a desperate plea for help from Solis, an unearthly white-haired girl with astonishing powers.

Tides of Magic

Charley Deacon is failing out of uni, being near the sea makes her inexplicably ill, and now her sister is missing in suspicious circumstances. Her only hope may lie with an impossibly old woman who lives in a tiny settlement overlooking the ocean.

Bitter Medicine

In this inspired contemporary fantasy, a Chinese immortal and a French elf try to balance new romance, familial loyalty, and workplace demands. Taiwanese American author Mia Tsai has created an unforgettable paranormal adventure.

Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger

In this debut novel, stoic sharpshooter Melinda West and her partner, Lance, exterminate monsters in the Old West. When they accidentally release a demon, they embark on a desperate journey to save their friend’s soul and stop a supernatural war.

A Diamond Dream

A Diamond Dream completes the Jubilee Cycle trilogy, set in a dystopian future Tokyo, where every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by corporations that charge licensing fees. At last, the story is complete!!!