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Dreams for a Broken World

Patron saints and luchadores. Trickster gods. Freedom fighters. Infections of fire. Hong Kong. Iran. The 1860s and the end of the world. The 24 contributors include such award-winning authors as Usman T. Malik, Nisi Shawl, and Sheree Renée Thomas.

Glorious Fiends

When vampire Roxanne resurrects her deceased best friends, she’s confronted by a dream-dwelling Guardian of the Underworld, who demands that she replace them in his afterlife with three equally nefarious creatures—or he’ll drag her there instead.

Needle (Inverted Frontier #3)

An intrepid crew aboard an alien starship ventures inward toward the heart of human civilization—where only ruins remain. The Inverted Frontier series is a far-future, nanotech-drenched, space-faring adventure from the award-winning author of VAST.

Watcher of the Skies/Chanda’s Homecoming

These novels continue the adventures of Dave’s popular series characters, Mike Christopher and Chanda Kasmira. Each deals with the aftermath of an alien incursion upon the Earth. They take place at the same time and even share a scene.

Wily Writers Presents Tales of Nightmares

There’s something magical about the terror that grips you in the middle of sleep, when your heart pounds, you can’t catch your breath, and you know the monster is seconds away from grabbing you. These nine stories are designed to induce nightmares.


A Norse Dark Fantasy. Balin stands between two great Powers. One will shatter his mind; the other will destroy his soul. Only one of them can save his people. The Mist meets Nightmare on Elm Street in this classic tale of personal sacrifice.

Our Lady of the Artilects

When Artilects begin reporting a strange apocalyptic vision that only they can see, authorities assume it is a hoax–or a hack. Then one of them belonging to the wealthiest man in Africa shows up in the Basilica of Nigeria claiming to be possessed.

She’s the One Who Won’t Behave

Ilarians must all work together to have any hope of surviving. When Gypsum, the sixth of seven sisters, joins a group known for its sexual promiscuity and playful ways, she must coax them into becoming life-saving warriors of a very different kind.