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Carved from Stone and Dream

In this sequel to Where Oblivion Lives, a coded notebook containing the identities of Los Nefilim’s spies falls into enemy hands. Diago must nurture the daimonic song he has so long denied in order to save those he loves.

The Light Years

The captain of a family-owned starship arranges a marriage for her son in hopes of achieving faster-than-light travel and maybe, just maybe, marital bliss.

Last of the Nighthawks

A member of an elite Special Forces team, half-alien Helga faces incredible odds as she encounters horrific dangers on the moon of Dyn after a mission gone wrong.

The Company Man

Near-future hard SF and a mystery within a mystery within …. As the body count climbs, only the Company Man has a chance of averting interplanetary disaster. Assuming he survives.

David Mogo, Godhunter

The gods have fallen to earth in their thousands, and chaos reigns. Though broken and leaderless, the city endures. David Mogo, demigod and godhunter, has one task: capture two of the most powerful gods in the city and deliver them to a wizard ruler.

The Rampant

It’s ten years since the hordes of Sumerian gods arrived in Indiana to kick off the end of the world, but a principal player decided not to show. Now humanity is stuck in a never-ending apocalypse. Emelia & Gillian are determined to force a change.

Muses & Musings: A Science Fiction Collection

Seventeen never before collected stories by Edward M. Lerner, at every length from flash to novella, chosen from four separate magazines and three original anthologies. With a guest intro from every-conceivable-award-winner Robert J. Sawyer.

The Absinthe Earl

A Jekyll-and-Hyde-style fantasy romance set in an alternate-history Ireland on the brink of a Faery war. “Charming and filled with intriguing characters, dangerous enemies, and hidden desires” — NY Times bestselling author Maria V. Snyder