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Featured Books

The Midnight Circus

Reprints a number of Jane Yolen’s dark short stories where the frisson of terror reigns. Yolen is a past president of SFWA, winner of 2 Nebulas and 3 World Fantasy Awards. Her 400th book will be out in 2021.

Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas

This collection brings wish-granting fish, flying tigers, foul-mouthed fairies, vengeful trees, medical dreams, interstellar squirrels, murderous teddy bears, magic-helmet-wearing rollergirls, a dash of eldritch horror, and a sprinkle of ghosts.

She’s the One Who Thinks Too Much

An overeducated 13th-century lady discovers the prince she loves may sacrifice her home to invaders. With the aid of university intellectuals, her family of tough farmers and the helpful witches of the forest, she devises a strategy to save her home.

The Raven Lady

Book 2 of The Faery Rehistory finds the Irish queen’s cousin reluctantly sitting on the throne of Faery. Even more reluctantly, he’s taken the daughter of the Icelandic elf king into his court as a political prisoner. A shadow hangs over them both.

The Power We Share

In a world where magic is bought, packaged and sold, Molly Sinclair is a pirate and a craftborn witch. Stronger than most, she’s forced to hide yet longs to be free. But the world is suddenly on fire, and freedom is worth fighting for.

Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story

A teen without a home. A dangerous residence. Can she survive one terrifying night to secure her future? Forced out on her eighteenth birthday, Charlene needs to stay overnight at a haunted Victorian mansion. Will she outsmart her supernatural foes?

Strange Labour

The global population has left the cities and towns to work themselves to death in the construction of monumental earthworks. The adults unaffected by this obsession are part of a dwindling population that survives in the margins of this new world.


A neuroscientist with brain-linking technology is startled by what she sees in her patient’s mind. Phenomena is a story of intrigue, psychological distress, and one scientist’s quest to untangle the mysteries of human consciousness.

An Unnatural Life

The cybernetic organism known as 812-3 is in prison, convicted of murdering a human worker, but he claims that he did not do it. With the evidence stacked against him, his lawyer, Aiya Ritsehrer, must determine grounds for an appeal.

Space Throne

When an irresponsible prince meets his destiny, will he be able to fulfill it? A story of love, loss, and knowing what to munch. Because there’s only one rule in space: never eat the hot snack. ANYTHING but the hot snack.