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Featured Books

A Place Between Waking and Forgetting

An Afro-Irreal collection with transformative stories of culture, diversity, climate change, unlimited futures, mythology, and more. It cases black people stories in bold and evocative text, at times deeply flawed but redeemable protagonists.

Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny

Described as an adult Goosebumps meets Tales from the Crypt, these cosmic and weird stories are about horrors that lie below the surface, ready to bubble up and disturb the veil of our everyday lives.

The Scotty!

The Scotty (a device named for the Star Trek character) is not merely a transporter. Taken to its logical conclusion, it is a form of technology which gives its user the powers of an absolute god! And as the old saying goes, power corrupts.

Grim Root

In her debut dark humor horror novel, a group of women must compete on a reality TV show for the heart of midwestern bachelor Tristan by spending a week in a haunted house. But after a shocking demise, the game takes a sinister turn.

The Eye of Winter

​Epic Fantasy with Positive Psychology
A reckless young thief lands himself in a team of misfit spies. Their mission, to stop an apocalyptic war bearing down on his home. But at what cost?

Midnyte’s Dragon Kiss

Lapis Midnyte must stop a powerful vampire from destroying a mysterious magical artifact while protecting the one person she holds dear. Her only hope is to unlock the secrets of her dead mother’s necklace and embrace her hated succubus heritage.

Tales of Mystery: Dead for a Spell

Twelve new magical mysteries explore why the tooth fairies have grown impatient, why the flavour is gone, who raided the squirrels’ nut bank, a competition whose prize is death, a psychic serial killer, and the brutal murder of a heroic woodsman.

Zooscape, Volume 3

This anthology contains issues eight through ten of the preeminent e-zine for fantastic furry fiction. Edited by Mary E. Lowd, it features stories by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Tim Susman, and Michael H. Payne.