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Where the Hell is Tesla? A Novel

Sci-Fi odyssey. Comedy. Love Story. And of course… Nikola Tesla. “★★★★★ Perhaps the Funniest and Best Audiobook on Audible!” Join Chip and Pete as they stumble into Tesla’s interdimensional portal. Can these idiots save the multiverse?


Steal the Sky

“Blend two lovable rogues, a magical doppelganger, and a nasty empire, and you have O’Keefe’s Steal the Sky. It’s like an epic steampunk Firefly.” – Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger


The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts Episode 1)

Episode 1 of Genrenauts, a series in novellas set in a multiverse where each other dimension is the home of a story genre (Western, SF, Romance, etc.). The Genrenauts travel between dimensions to find & fix broken stories to protect their home world.



When Miyole’s ship is attacked by pirates, she and a fiery girl named Cassia embark on a mission to rescue Cassia’s abducted brother. Along the way, they fall in love, and the course of Miyole’s life changes forever.


Inherit the Stars

Kivita’s latest contract to find an alien relic is the adventure she craves, but her employer has hired Sar Redryll—her former lover—to stop her at any cost. After the relic unleashes powerful abilities in her, human & alien alike hunt her down.


Three Promises

Promises bind, but some promises break…

From the author of The Stolen and The Forgotten comes a collection of stories between the stories, a glimpse of the American Faerie Tale series characters in a whole new light.


Going Dark: book 3 of The Red Trilogy

In the final volume of the high-tech, near-future trilogy that began with the Nebula-nominated THE RED, army officer James Shelly must choose who—or what—to trust as he struggles to contain a conflict that threatens to plunge the world into chaos.


The Battle Immortal

The Battle Immortal is a time when long-foretold prophecies live and die, when magic runs wild, and legends clash with nightmares. This fast-paced epic fantasy is the 7th and final book to The Silk & Steel Saga.


The Lost Tribes

Five friends never imagined their ordinary parents were scientists on a secret mission. But when their parents go missing, they are forced into unfathomable circumstances and learn of a history that is best left unknown.