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Listen To The Signal: Short Stories Volume 1

Hi, Rob Dircks here. I’m the Audible bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?, and I’ve been writing and narrating these stories since 2016 on my podcast, Listen To The Signal. But now I’ve made them available ONLY here in this book.

Fantastic Tales of Love and Loss

A ‘themed’ collection of SF and fantasy stories , most originally published in Analog and F&SF, tackling the always popular subject of human/alien love and accompanying species conflicts.

Here and Now and Then

When a time-traveler is stranded in the 1990s, he abandons rescue hopes to fall in love and start a family. But when his team from 2142 arrives, not only do they want to pull him back — they want to erase his paradoxical daughter as well.

Where Oblivion Lives

A lyrical historical fantasy adventure, set in 1932 Spain and Germany, that brings to life the world of the novellas collected in Los Nefilim: Spanish Nephilim battling daimons in a supernatural war to save humankind.

Alice Payne Rides

Alice Payne Rides is the thrilling sequel to Kate Heartfield’s Alice Payne Arrives.
Can the team prevent an international pandemic across time, and put history back on its tracks? At least until the next battle in the time war…

The Apprentice Sorceress

A lady does not raise her voice.
A lady does not tear her gowns.
A lady does not contradict a gentleman.
A lady does not practice magic…
Until now.


The data stored in her blood can save a city on the brink or destroy it. Blackmailed into transporting secrets throughout the troubled domed city, Emery is caught between two factions: those who want her blood, and those who just want her dead.

The Iron Codex (Dark Arts, Book 2)

A Russian sorceress who hunts fugitive Nazi mages in 1954 South America discovers that she has a far larger destiny than her late master led her to believe. But to fulfill her true potential she must first stop a new foe from destroying the world.


Carter’s a homicide cop in Titanshade, an oil boomtown where 8-tracks are state of the art, disco rules the radio, and all the best sorcerers wear designer labels. But unless Carter can find an elusive killer, the entire city may fall into chaos.

The Assassination of Billy Jeeling

A great hero, Jeeling is the scientific genius who built Skyship, a huge flying city that has been cleaning the atmosphere for decades—saving millions of lives. He is unfairly targeted in an assassination plot, risking a massive ecological disaster.