Welcomes Chris Dolley

On Saturday, December 5, conquers Europe as science fiction author and memoirist, Chris Dolley, joins the team.

Originally from the UK, but now living in France, Dolley has had two SF novels (Resonance and Shift) published by Baen. Currently he is working on a true crime memoir based on his own experience of having to track down the thief who stole his identity and life savings when he moved to France. He describes it as “A Year in Provence with Miss Marple and Gerald Durrell.”

For his debut, Dolley will be offering the first episode of Resonance, serialized especially for BVC. He will also be blogging on the topic of romance — sheep style, and posting his spam email story

— Nigerian Tuna Spam — which begins: I’m Fluffy the favourite kitten of the late president of Nigeria…

Visit Dolley’s bookshelf at

Watch for future offerings from Dolley on Saturdays at

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