Quick Updates for 2010-12-12

  • SFWA member @Keffy's story "Advertising at the End of the World" is this week's Escape Pod episode. http://bit.ly/heFWnw #
  • Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Rhiannon Held, author of SILVER (Tor, 2012) #
  • Odyssey Writing Workshop Announces Its 16th Summer Session http://bit.ly/eOHa82 #
  • SFWA member @Norilana offers a "Hilarious parody NORTHANGER ABBEY AND DRAGONS by Jane Austen & Vera Nazarian" http://is.gd/izSK3 #
  • Interesting post at NPR. Neil Armstrong talks about the first moon walk. http://is.gd/izWeZ #

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