Quick Updates for 2011-06-04

  • @diannefox @moirarogersbree SFWA has accepted electronic publication as qualifying for membership for years. #
  • @moirarogersbree Can you point to what you are seeing in our guidelines that leads you to believe that epubs are ineligible? #
  • @moirarogersbree Time/Warner, for example, puts out some books exclusively as epubs & we don't make a distinction. #
  • @moirarogersbree Also a load of short fiction markets like Clarkesworld and Strange Horizons. #
  • @moirarogersbree @diannefox I can understand the confusion. Yes, advances are a different matter. Sorry about that. #
  • @moirarogersbree I hope, as reading epubs becomes more common, that publishers will start treating their authors better and pay advances. #
  • @tj_michaels @moirarogersbree No. Epub is a technology. Advances relate to business models. We look at business models. Tech is just tech. #
  • @moirarogersbree EVERYONE feels mistreated by the IRS. But I hear what you are really saying. #
  • @moirarogersbree We'd like to find a way to codify the difference. It's not easy. #
  • @moirarogersbree Our new bylaws will make it easier but there's still the matter of self-reporting income. #

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