Nebula Novels at The Millions

The Millions provides an overview of this year’s Nebula nominated novels. Chris Barsanti writes, “There are six novels nominated for this year’s Nebula Award, which will be announced May 19th. They cover the future, the present, and the indefinable. They feature shy faeries, magicians who wield bugs like weapons, and a postapocalyptic steampunk traveling circus. What they don’t do much of is splash about in that shallow, mucky pool of vampire/alien/cop/erotica/fallen angel serial potboilers (new variations ever-spinning off as though generated by some genre virus) being snapped up by ever more readers. Only two of the six Nebula nominees are series books, the rest are novel-novels – left to live or die on their own, no cliffhangers to entice you back.”

Read more at The Millions.

Full coverage, including a list of all winners, will appear on the SFWA blog this Saturday.

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