World Fantasy Awards Judges Seek Art Submissions

The World Fantasy Awards judges are seeking materials to consider in the Artist category.

As always, this seems to be the category with the fewest submissions from either publishers or artists. This category, like the others, is for work published in 2014.

If you have materials you wish to submit for consideration, the judges’ contact info follows:

*Gemma Files 313 Richmond St. East #768; Toronto Ontario M5A 4S7; Canada

**Nina K. Hoffman PO Box 10858; Eugene, OR 97440; USA

***Bénédicte Lombardo 50, rue du Clos; 77670 Saint Mammes; FRANCE

*Bruce McAllister 528 E. Palmyra Avenue; Orange, CA 92866; USA

***Robert Shearman 65 Telford Avenue, Streatham Hill; London SW2 4XL; United Kingdom

(All judges prefer hard copies, but those marked * can accept pdfs; ** can accept mobi; *** both)

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