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Quick Updates for 2011-07-06

Happy release day to SFWA member @dianarowland and her novel My Life as a White Trash Zombie. # Happy Release day to SFWA member @jimchines and his novel SNOW QUEEN. # @nkjemisin Not satire, but it is a guest post by Terry Bisson, so reflects how he approaches writing short fiction. #

Quick Updates for 2011-07-01

@jaygarmon An associate can nominate for the Nebulas, but only Active members may vote. Associates also can't vote in elections. # CZP will publish SFWA member @MFJ72's first short story collection, "Irregular Verbs and Other Stories," in 2013 #

Quick Updates for 2011-06-19

@annikkawoods I think you are looking for these. # Congratulations to SFWA member @jay_lake whose novel PINION was nominated for the Sidewise award. # SFWA Member @NancyFulda's award-winning story is now live at #

Little Brother’s World

by T. Jackson King Little Brother had survived as an orphan on the colony planet Mother’s World by following two rules. First you grabbed anything edible before the valuables. Second, you never talked to the garbage. But then the garbage–a Pube girl named Sally–talked to him. Before he knew it, he was running to escape the attention of The Church of […]