RIP: David Eddings (1931-2009)

The Nevada Appeal reports that fantasy writer David Carroll Eddings. died of natural causes at his Carson City, Nevada home on Tuesday, June 2.

Eddings was born in Spokane, Washington.on July 7 1931. He grew up near Seattle, in the Puget Sound area. In 1962, he married Judith Leigh Schall. At various times, he worked as a sales clerk at Boeing, a college English teacher and served in the US Army.

His writing debut was the adventure novel High Hunt which appeared in 1973. His fantasy career began in 1982 with Pawn of Prophecy, the first book in his popular Belgariad series. He went on to have 27 novels published, almost all in series such as The Malloreon and The Dreamers.

Eddings acknowledged that his wife participated in the writing of all of his novels, and her name began appearing on works published in the mid 1990s. Leigh Eddings preceded him in death in 2007, following a long series of strokes.

David Eddings is survived by his brother, Dennis; sister, Kay Cox; and half-brother, Richard Blake. There will be no public service.

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