Why can’t I log in?

It is important to understand that the SFWA website has two different areas, the main website and the discussion forums.  Each area uses a different username and password.  The most common problem is getting the usernames and passwords mixed up.

Q. How do I tell which is which?

  • The main website uses the email address which SFWA has on file for you as your user name.
  • The Discussion Forums username is probably your name.  Some members chose a different name.

If that is not the problem, read on.

Main Website

My username and password are correct, why can’t I log on?
Typically, this is related to your setting for cookies. The SFWA website requires accepting two third-party cookies. If the website keeps returning you to the same page, without letting you login, then this is almost certainly the problem. We have a tutorial on how to adjust your browser, safely, to allow using the main SFWA site.

Discussion Forums

My username and password are correct, why can’t I log on?

Again, this is usually related to cookies.

  1. Go to the Discussion Forums
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click “Delete all board cookies
  4. Shut your browser completely and restart it.
  5. Return to the Discussion Forums and try again.