Simplified Procedure for Google Book Settlement

by Michael Capobianco

As part of fixing the process for claiming works, the Settlement Administrator has issued SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE FOR CLAIMING YOUR BOOKS AND INSERTS The gist of it is that authors may now submit a list of their works by mail or email.

…authors, their heirs and/or agents and other Rightsholders may initiate the claiming process by sending a list of their works to the Settlement Administrator. A list of both author(s) and Book or Insert titles(s) is sufficient, although the process of claiming your works will be much easier if you are also able to provide any or all of the following information: ISBN, publisher, publication date and place of publication…

but note that

If you choose this simplified procedure, please be patient, as it will likely take the Settlement Administrator several months to contact you, and you may not be contacted until after the Settlement is approved by the Court and there can be no more appeals. There is, however, no reason to worry.