Candidate for Treasuer: Amy Sterling Casil

Hi fellow SFWAns – I am running for Treasurer for the third and last year. I hope that I’ll be able to give our new leadership and a newly reincorporated SFWA the sound foundation that it needs. Whether it’s done in a contemporary manner using internet tools or done in the traditional way it was done for years, being SFWA Treasurer is a big responsibility. SFWA’s funds are currently well and safely-invested, and the organization’s membership has grown a lot in the past two years. I agreed to serve for one final year, because there is still some consolidation to be done with the different accounts that are used. I know there will be a lot of activity related to the reincorporation activities as well, and I’m prepared to handle it. I also want to let the membership know that I’m grateful that they did vote for me the past two years. I am especially grateful when I am able to help members via the Emergency Medical Fund, and also when I deposit the donations from auctions around the country into the funds. This lets me know up front that SFWAns and the other members of our SF/F community really care. I truly didn’t anticipate the large amount of work required when I first ran for Treasurer. Now, I do, and my biggest goal is to pass everything off in perfect order to the next Treasurer and leave a strong, well-run organization that is moving into the future to support science fiction and fantasy writers. I am glad to support John Scalzi and Mary Robinette Kowal and Sean Williams . . . I also think members should know what an unbelievable job Mary has done – she is one of the most hard-working and dedicated volunteers ever.

I have been an active member of SFWA since 1996, which I joined with three qualifying short fiction sales. To be honest, I am uncertain as to exactly which qualifying sales those would be as of today, but I think it’s very likely that they were:

“Jonny Punkinhead,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1996 “New Writers Issue”

“Jenny With the Stars in Her Hair,” Writers of the Future – 1997 awards and volume – with green space station

“My Son, My Self,” Writers of the Future – 1998 awards and volume – with blue and white space station

As John noted, when I had those contracts in my hand, the first thing I did was make copies and mail them in with my membership application and membership fee.

Of course, this is all I’ve published, so that’s why I am running for . . .


Since that time, I have published about 20 short stories, one short fiction/poetry collection, and three novels (two pseudonymous “work for hire” media books). From 2002-2005, I wrote extensive amounts of fiction, nonfiction and poetry primarily for educational publisher McGraw-Hill, but also for Pearson.

I was nominated for a Nebula award in 2002 for “To Kiss the Star” (F & SF), and I have published 21 nonfiction books for educational publishers to date.

I formerly worked providing science fiction and writing-related “content” for AOL/Time Warner and even the late, un-beloved and not-at-all-missed self-publisher iUniverse. I also worked for Wildside Press from 2000-2004 and readers may note that I wrote several scholarly introductions for classic works of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

I am also a cofounding member of the internet author cooperative Bookview Cafe (and Treasurer of the bank account). Upcoming short fiction includes “Richard Dadd” as the lead story in The Shadow Conspiracy 2, the second steampunk original anthology from Book View Press, “To Love The Difficult” in Panverse 2 all novella anthology, and “The Epicurean” in Blood Lite 2, edited by Kevin J. Anderson, that scurvy devil. I am also an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and have done approximately 200 book covers or other illustrations in another life, as another person, not myself.