Announcement about SFWA vice president

SFWA Vice President Elizabeth Moon has tendered her resignation for personal reasons. In doing so, she assured me that this decision is not due to any conflicts with SFWA, the other officers, or any members, but is a personal decision due to factors outside the organization. Speaking for the Board, we have enjoyed working with Elizabeth and am deeply sorry to see her go. Her service has been appreciated, and she has been a voice of candor and reason throughout her tenure.

In accordance with the bylaws, I have appointed Michael Capobianco to serve out the remaining five months of Elizabeth’s term. Michael has served the Board in an advisory capacity since I took office, and he is aware of the various projects and issues before us. His long service to SFWA makes him superbly qualified. He has previously served two terms as Treasurer, one as Vice President, and three as SFWA President. He has been SFWA’s liaison to the Authors Coalition since 1994.

Russell Davis
President, SFWA