2010: A Space Oddity

David Kopaska-Merkel, Lou Anders, Jack McDevitt and Joanne Merriam will be reading and participating in panel discussions at the brand  new mini-con 2010: A Space Oddity in Tuscaloosa, AL. David and Joanne  (and a third panelist TBD) will be doing a Q&A on submission  etiquette, and there will be a panel on character and story development, and a bunch of readings. There’ll be science panels on engineering and the future, black holes, microscopic black holes and the LHC, neutrino detection at the South Pole, and robotic programming with demonstrations. 2010: A Space Oddity is on Saturday, 6 March 2010, 10 am until 8:30 pm, in Shelby Hall on the University of Alabama campus. It’s sponsored by the University of Alabama and there is no charge for attendance.

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2010: A Space Oddity


Lou Anders: http://louanders.blogspot.com/

Peg Duthie: http://www.nashpanache.com/

Jack McDevitt: http://jackmcdevitt.com/default.aspx

David Kopaska-Merkel: http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/

Joanne Merriam: http://www.joannemerriam.com