Carlson’s Plague Year takes France

The international bestselling novel Plague Year invaded France this week with the first title in Jeff Carlson’s trilogy of sci fi thrillers selling for a “solid” advance to Bibliotheque Interdite, described by literary agent Cameron McClure as “a young but dynamic publishing house that works with Games Workshop.  They are growing and becoming more and more important in the fiction market.”

Bibliotheque Interdite has specialized in game tie-in Warhammer novels with great success.  This summer, their new Eclipse line will debut with other media-friendly titles such as the Deathstalker books by Frank Frazetta, Steve Savile’s Silver, R.E. Howard’s Conan, and Carlson’s Plague Year, which deals with the accidental release of a nanotechnology prototype that devours all warm-blooded lifeforms below elevations of 10,000 feet.  

Here in the U.S., the second novel in Carlson’s trilogy, Plague War, was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award, while the third title, Plague Zone, was Ace/Penguin’s lead paperback for December 2009 and received front-of-store displays in Barnes & Noble and other chains.

To date, the Plague Year novels have also sold in Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Spain, where “La Plaga quickly became a bestseller as Minotauro’s lead hardcover for September 2008.  

Readers can find free excerpts of the trilogy on Carlson’s web site at along with tour dates, videos, contests, and more, including a trivia challenge in which winners will be allowed to name a character after themselves or a friend in one of his upcoming novels.

 Plague Zone

Jeff Carlson

Ace Books/Penguin Group

November 24, 2009

ISBN 0441017991

Plague War
Jeff Carlson
Ace Books/Penguin Group
July 29, 2008
ISBN 0441016170Plague Year
Jeff Carlson
Ace Books/Penguin Group
July 31, 2007
ISBN 044101514X

Online fiction by Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson is a Member of SFWA

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