Quick Updates for 2010-04-24

Quick Updates -- istock


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Member News

  • SFWA member Michael Canfield's short-short story "People with Earplugs" is up on EverydayWeirdness.com.
  • The Nebula Awards interviews Richard Bowes.
  • Congratulations to SFWA member Tony Pi who sold "The Gold Silkworm" to Fantasy Magazine.
  • SFWA member Leah Cypess's Mistwood is the "Big Idea" essay at John Scalzi's blog.
  • Video of SFWA member Lawrence Schimel reading in Seville (starts at minute 7).
  • Congratulations to SFWA Tina Connolly who sold "As We Report to Gabriel" to Fantasy magazine.
  • The short film, "Bottles," based on SFWA member Samantha Henderson's story, screens at7:30 May 4 in Hollywood. See the trailer here.
  • SFWA member Mary Robinette is giving away an Advanced Readers Copy of Shades of Milk and Honey on Library Thing.
  • Congratulations to SFWA member Jenn Reese who has a 2-book deal with Candlewick for her middle grade SF series.

Industry News

  • Victoria Strauss: More delays for Google Book Settlement? Judge Denny Chin promoted to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal.
  • To celebrate their 30th birthday Tor.com is giving away books.