FAQ: How do I add my information to Twitter?

FAQ: How do I add my information to Twitter?

SFWA has many different programs to try to help get news out about our authors and events that might be of interest to the science fiction and fantasy community. Two of these are our author Twitter account @SFWAauthors and our official Twitter account @SWFA, which is maintained as a channel for official communications from the Board and staff only.

SFWA Authors Twitter Feed – @SFWAauthors

This feed is a channel for SFWA authors to share publication and industry-related news, such as members’ blog posts about writing, fiction/reading (reviews, reading recommendations, etc), science, publishing, or about their own writing or publishing news.

If you are a SFWA member you may have your blog feed added to the aggregator so that specific posts you select are distributed automatically. Only blogs owned by SFWA members are eligible to be included in the @SFWAauthors feed (no group blogs are eligible at this time). Email twitter@sfwa.org with your blog address (or the RSS feed URL if you know it) to be included.

We are aware of a problem with certain blogs not being properly redistributed, and are looking into tools to better serve the SFWA membership. If your blog posts are not being distributed when you put the required hashtag in the body of the post, putting it in the post title should work (this is a clunky work-around, and we hope to eliminate it). Please email twitter@sfwa.org to add your blog to the list of those that need to be handled differently.

If you are a SFWA member but do not have a blog, you can email twitter@sfwa.org to request a single message to be distributed through @SFWAauthors. Only links or statuses under 140 characters should be submitted; we will not edit your information for length or clarity. The message should contain all necessary information, including the submitter’s name. It’s fine to include a URL for more information, but remember that the link counts as part of your 140 characters. You can shorten the url through several services. The tiniest of them is 3.ly

The @SFWAauthors tweets links to your appropriately tagged blog posts or emailed requests only. It does not retweet your tweets, nor will direct messages sent to @SFWAauthors or @SFWA result in your information being redistributed.

SFWA Twitter Feed – @SFWA

This channel is for official SFWA use only. No queries or submissions will be accepted for this feed. All tweets are official communications from SFWA, or links to the SFWA blog and Writer Beware.


We recognize that there may be things posted on these outlets which may upset or offend readers. Please recognize that the posts that appear in the feed are the responsibility of the authors of those posts, and are in no way endorsed by SFWA, nor do such posts reflect the opinions or policy of SFWA. Nevertheless, we will moderate these threads as much as possible, for adherence to our guidelines and for professionalism. However we will not catch everything. We ask that any issues be reported to us directly. To report an issue with any of our feeds, please email twitter@sfwa.org.

As a general rule pertaining to all of SFWA’s social media outlets, SFWA is a professional organization, and material posted on our feeds needs to reflect this professionalism. If submitted or automatically generated content is found to violate the above guidelines, or to include threats or personal attacks or obvious trolling, it will be removed pending investigation and consideration by the moderators. SFWA reserves the right to determine what posts are appropriate.

Any content requiring further attention, such as egregious or repeated abuse of the feeds, will be considered by the Board, and appropriate action will be taken, up to and including suspension or expulsion of the member from the use of SFWA’s social media feeds.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the @SFWAauthors twitterfeed, please email twitter@sfwa.org