Red Rose Publishing: Alert

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

Dear Author has a post detailing internal problems at Red Rose Publishing:

Authors are reportedly not getting their work published within a specified time. If rights are requested to be reverted because of this breach, the publisher is reportedly sending the authors bills for cover art and editing for those books. Notices of editors and cover artists that they are quitting are reportedly being ignored…Statements were not being sent out and emails to the publisher went unanswered.

Other complaints reportedly include publishing books without contracts.

When a few Red Rose authors posted about non-payment in the Red Rose author loop, Red Rose’s owner went ballistic, accusing the authors of whining and being unprofessional, and trotting out the kinds of excuses you so often see when small presses have difficulties: family problems, an audit.

This is such a sadly familiar story.

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