Quick Updates for 2011-02-16

Quick Updates -- istock

Member News

  • Congratulations to SFWA member Nalo Hopkinson who will be an Associate Professor specializing in SF & fantasy at the University of California Riverside.
  • Interview with SFWA member Ferrett Steinmetz on the hour-long Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing podcast: here.
  • SFWA member Jennifer Brozek has sold her short story “Showdown at High Moon” to DAW anthology Westward Weird.
  • SFWA member Alaya Dawn Johnson discusses race in fantasy fiction in Revolution SF’s latest podcast with Ika Koeck here.
  • SFWA member Ellen Kushner just signed contracts for Hebrew translation of SWORDSPOINT to be published in Israel by Graff Publishing.
  • SFWA member Karen Sandler has a release date on her first SF YA book, TANKBORN: September 2011.