SFWA Announces New PR Liaison

Dear Members:

As we gear up for the next Nebula season, I’m going to be building a new contact and media list for SFWA’s publicity. If you run a blog, news site or newsletter, and would like to receive press releases, please add yourself to the mailing list. Likewise, if you would pass this along to your contacts, it would be appreciated. The more eyes and ears we can reach, the better.

We’ve overhauled the system and made it very easy to add yourself to the mailing list for press releases. You can get here two ways:

  1. from the leftmost sidebar on the site, under Contact Us is now a Public Relations link
  2. Direct link is http://www.sfwa.org/category/pr/

Just go there and fill out the form, and you’ll be added to the list. You won’t be receiving a lot of mail from us, but you can ask to be removed at any time.

I will be handling SFWA’s PR and publicity for the next year. If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please email me at pr@sfwa.org.

Thank you!

Jaym Gates