Quick Updates for 2011-10-04

Quick Updates -- istock

Member News

  • SFWA member Eugie Foster‘s short story, “Requiem Duet, Concerto for Flute and Voodoo,” was published by Daily Science Fiction.
  • ARMORED edited by John Joseph Adams, with stories by David D. Levine, Tobias Buckell, & Karin Low, can be pre-ordered at Amazon.
  • SFWA member Ferrett Steinmetz‘s college-students + first-mass-produced-time-machine story “iTime” is up at Redstone Science Fiction.

One Response

  1. Stephen M (Ethesis)

    A member update. Regarding Suzette Haden Elgin I was asked to “tell everyone that she’s really sorry, but she just can’t communicate anymore. She just can’t focus on things well enough to even answer an email, let alone talk to anyone.”