Quick Updates for 2012-08-17

Quick Updates -- istock

Member News

  • SFWA Member Leanne Renee Hieber sells three-book Gaslamp Fantasy Saga to Tor.
  • SFWA Member Jennifer Brozek has a new episodic YA series set in the Battletech universe on the BattleCorps website.
  • SFWA members Ellen Datlow, Laura Anne Gilman, and Tiffany Trent will be at the Baltimore Book Festival September 28-30.
  • New stories by SFWA member Jamie Lackey at Kazka Press and in TRIANGULATION: MORNING AFTER.
  • SFWA member David D.Levine‘s story “Floaters” has been published at Buzzy Mag. Read it for free here.
  • SFWA Member Rick Novy‘s FISHPUNK is now out for Kindle and Nook in the US.
  • SFWA member Carrie Cuinn‘s “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” is now free to read online at The Red Penny Papers.
  • SFWA Member Ken Liu‘s story, “The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species,” is out in the current issue of Lightspeed.
  • SFWA member Eugie Foster just sold short stories “The Tiger Fortune Princess” and “The Girl Who Drew Cats” to Cricket magazine. She also sold short story “Trixie and the Pandas of Dread” to Apex Magazine.
  • SFWA member Matthew Johnson‘s story “The Last Islander” is out in the September Asimov’s
  • The anthology DIGITAL RAPTURE with many SFWA members, is out! Write a Singularity haiku and you could win a free lunch! Details here.
  • SFWA member Nisi Shawl is teaching a workshop “Writing the Other” November 18. Only room for 12 students! Sign up here.