SFWA Bulletin Returns

SFWA-WebIssue 203 of the SFWA Bulletin went to the printer this week. It contains articles from members experienced and new, information on SFWA’s opportunities, projects, and activism, and messages from the Board. This issue, guest-edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts, with Jaym Gates as Production Editor, was specially created to be used as an outreach tool for conventions and other events.

Feature articles in this issue include pieces by Sheila Finch, Richard Dansky, James Patrick Kelly, Cat Rambo, Ari Asercion, Michael Capobianco, Russell Davis, M.C.A. Hogarth, Nancy Holder and Erin Underwood, among many others, and interviews with Eileen Gunn, Adam Rakunas and 2013’s Norton winner E.C. Myers.


Issue 203 is the launch of a revamped, refocused business plan and appearance for the SFWA Bulletin. This will be the first issue to have an e-edition, which will be available for all members to download in their preferred reading format.  Non-members will also be able to easily purchase the e-edition, which we plan to distribute across various online vendors. Going forward, members will be able to opt-out of having the print edition posted to them if they prefer their periodicals in e-copy only. The SFWA Bulletin will, however, continue to be available in print to all members.

The new issue features a fantastic piece of cover art by Hugo-winning artist Galen Dara, a crisp new layout style from our designer John Teehan, and most exciting of all, the new SFWA logos that were commissioned last year by President Steven Gould and Vice-President Rachel Swirsky, as part of the renovation of the SFWA brand.


Designed by Bear Weiter at Wombat Studios, the logos for SFWA, the Nebulas, the Norton, and the Bradbury have been updated into a cohesive package. As SFWA’s presence and efforts grow, the logos will be seen by a much greater audience, and this new suite provides a professional, streamlined set of options. 

These new logos are making their first appearances here on the SFWA site, in the new Bulletin, and in conjunction with the latest Humble Bundle. They are available to members upon request, and to organizations or events working with SFWA.


Moving forward, the SFWA Bulletin will be streamlined and focused, in response to the demand from our membership to provide a top class industry journal that will provide

practical advice and a variety of perspectives that are relevant to today’s working writers whether they have been a member for five minutes or (nearly) fifty years. The President will be announcing a new editor soon, to take the Bulletin forward into this exciting and challenging era for writers and other publishing professionals. The first task for the incoming editor will be to put together the Nebula Issue, with features on the nominees, Grand Master, and past recipients of the award.

SFWA will continue to solicit content from members and industry professionals, and to accept queries for content. To write for the SFWA Bulletin, please send a pitch and short cover letter to bulletin@sfwa.org.

Subscription and purchase questions should be sent to Kate Baker at office@sfwa.org.

All other questions or comments, should be directed to SFWA’s Communications Director, Jaym Gates, at communications@sfwa.org

SFWA extends its official thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, donating their own time, skills and energy, to make this happen. The SFWA Bulletin task force, in particular, has been essential to the bright new future of the Bulletin, and their service is greatly appreciated.