Contracts Committee Report

Logo SFWA-Web squareSince being reinstituted last fall, the Contracts Committee has been focused on two main projects: a review of existing model contracts with the intent of revising them as needed and a response to member concerns with the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Contract. The F&SF issue took up most of our time, but we are happy to report a resolution with publisher Gordon Van Gelder. That statement is below.

As directed by the SFWA Board, the purpose of the Contracts Committee is to 1) update and maintain the existing SFWA contract templates, 2) work to develop and maintain a repository of sample contracts and contract-related information, 3) work to educate members about contract language and recommendations, and 4) work to help SFWA and its members answer contract related questions and issues. It is our intent to focus on these tasks in the coming years. Our members are myself, Michael Armstrong, chairperson, Michael Capobianco, Victoria Strauss, Ken Liu, Jim Fiscus, and Michael Stackpole. Please direct any questions or issues to me at

-Michael Armstrong, Chairperson

SFWA Contracts Committee

Contracts Committee statement on The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Contract followed by the revised and current contract.

Gordon Van Gelder was offered an opportunity to make a statement, but declined. We would like to thank him for his professionalism and courtesy in working with the committee.

Several months ago, a number of members of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) raised questions with the SFWA Contracts Committee about the contract then in use by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF.)   The SFWA Contracts Committee and Gordon Van Gelder, Publisher of F&SF, have worked together over the past several months to resolve problems with the contract.  As a result of the discussions, the contract has been revised to address issues involving the length of exclusivity requested and the registration of copyright.  The Committee will continue to follow implementation of the new contract.