Open for Submissions: “A Matter of Time Science Fiction Bundle”

The SFWA Self Publishing Committee is happy to announce that we are open for submissions for the next SFWA Science Fiction StoryBundle, which will run from July 31st through August 20th. The theme for the bundle will be time travel. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, story bundles are curated collections of books offered at a discounted price, with the proceeds going towards the participating authors and StoryBundle.

For the first time, we are welcoming writers who are not SFWA members (along with those who are, of course) to contribute their books for consideration in the bundle.

To submit, email with “A Matter of Time Science Fiction Bundle” in the subject line and attach an epub version of your book. Submissions will be accepted through midnight, US Eastern Time, March 25th, 2019. Participants will be notified by April 20th, 2019, so that any books enrolled in Amazon KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited) will have time to be brought out of exclusivity before the bundle is released.

You must have the rights to enter the story bundle, and it must not be in Amazon’s KDP Select for the time that the bundle is published. Participants will be selected collectively by the SFWA Self Publishing Committee (SPC). It also cannot be free/permafree. The minimum price is .99.

If it is in Kindle Unlimited, please let us know when your re-enroll date is so we can make sure and prioritize looking at your novel.

We are looking forward to reading your submissions!